What’s Hot in HR Technology?

Hiring is no longer about that little black book and a gut feeling. HR technologies have brought science and metrics into the game. As these technologies get more cost effective and easier to use, more people are jumping on the bandwagon. Those who embrace tech in HR and recruiting are able to make more sound hires with less of a gamble.

Video Interviewing:

Video interviewing has become wildly popular. This is one of those tech tools in recruiting and HR that has quickly proven to be an ROI superstar. According to a SparkHire infographic, “More than 6 in 10 companies are now using video interviews in their recruiting process.” The same infographic states that recruiters can now watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to conduct just one phone screen. That amounts to a lot of time and money saved. SparkHire claims that companies using video interviewing can save as much as 67 percent on travel costs associated with hiring, and that is only oneof many factors. Green Job Interview shares with us some commonly used metrics to evaluate video interviewing success:

  • 87.6% reported lowered travel costs
  • 55.7% reported improved time-to-hire
  • 53.6% reported a better candidate experience vs. phone screening
Rise in Social Recruiting :

Social media has taken a firm hold on the HR and recruiting world. It has become the proven go-to source for everything from sourcing to hiring. It’s no new news that we’re all using social media, but some are getting a whole lot better at it. New tips, tricks, tools and niche sites are popping up every day. Data from a JobVite survey reveals that social recruiting is on a sharp rise. Sixty-four percent of companies using social recruiting have expanded to two or more networks, and 40 percent are now using three or more networks. Many companies are going even further –beyond the big 3 –LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Niche sites have become a very popular source for tough-to-fill positions and passive candidate scouting.

Upgrading Software

HR is moving at such a fast pace that what used to be cutting-edge software just a couple of years ago, is quickly being replaced. It is becoming very clear that talent management software is no longer just a cool option for HR departments to have; it has become the standard. What Forbes is calling the “Google of People”, talent management software can’t compete unless it’s cloud-based, Facebook and LinkedIn integrated, includes performance tracking and succession planning, and comes with an amazing tech support staff.

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