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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled—but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

As the business trends become more complex, so do the challenges you face as a company. In this dynamic global world, there is always a need for good resources in the organization to match the pace of the growing business. Studies show that average employees’ desire: recognition, job security, career growth, and sense of belonging.

We are one of the most innovative training and professional development companies offering a wide range of services aimed at getting the best out of you and your team. We specialize in behavioral development, and have rich and varied experience providing team and group development solutions

Skills and People Consulting recognises the significance of people as the true differentiators in today’s competitive environment.

In light of the same, we are committed to help modern organisations harness our expertise as a strategic partner in business success and growth with a range of Learning and Development activities and initiatives.

Our professional talent development programme enables the organization to drive the individual development, by offering motivational and leadership training. This is a comprehensive programme designed carefully to enhance the employee’s competency, while we also customize our training depending on the organizational needs. Our concerted approach will engage your team and make it even better.

We provide many services to enable you to achieve your goals.

These include:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Stress/health testing
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Healthy living events

No other training company we know offers our range of services and techniques.

We aim to be the industry leader in learning and development and we believe a high rate of innovation is essential to any industry’s long-term success.

The enhancement of the range of games, simulation and other tools allows further increase in our repertoire of services. Our research and development initiatives continue to strengthen our links with academic and industrial partners, establishing our position as an innovative people development firm.

Our mission is to use a wide range of techniques and approaches to make training fun, memorable and uplifting.

We train at the subconscious mind through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT, Tapping etc

However we also believe that good training programmes work much better if they are delivered in dynamic and engaging ways. That way delegates find it easier to see how the course material relates to them and retain it.

All our interventions carry the distinct flavour of experiential learning and looking beyond the classroom. We focus on interactive learning experiences and facilitate change within the organization and individual context.

We are constantly evolving in our adopted methodologies, tools and techniques. For this purpose, our highly qualified team spends a large part of their time on researching and upgrading their skill sets and knowledge.

Our Vision is to be the most valued partner for organization and people development through excellence of work, integrity, speed of response and dedication, leading to enduring relationships

Corporations these days want people development companies to start customising ‘signature’ games for their clients. Those that require sharp thinking, business acumen, wit, patience, creativity and communication, and all involve physical activity. The activity relates well to the role each member of an organisation plays in a team situation in enabling organizational growth

Training is becoming more customized and specific than it used to be in the past. Adult learning principle have proven that learning from academic courses do not get internalized as effectively as those derived from interactive or fun activities.

We design programs that look at specific deliverable and learning that force the participant to think and reflect on the same. In all our programs we try to simulate a real world experience for the participants and often involve a business angle to them.

The gravity of the program is determined by the design and development of the activities and experiences with an effort to make them relevant and specific for the participants or the organization along with the content of the debriefing and facilitation at the program .

Our clients, operating in a very competitive environment, are constantly looking for new innovative and interactive ideas, techniques and methodology to attain their learning and development objectives.

The enhancement of the range of games, simulation and other tools allows further increase in our repertoire of services.


We have a list of Training Programs that we usually run on a regular basis. However, we also do customized and individual training programs, catering to personal needs. Below listed are a couple of programmes we have designed:

Leadership Development

Take Charge

This training program specifically targets need and helps unleash a person’s true potential. Being in complete guidance of your faculties, this helps reap long-term benefits

Team Dynamics

Team Spirit

A training program aimed at managing conflict in a team and how to turn the negative conflict into positive conflict, hence increasing team efficiency. This program touches upon the ideas and causes that generate conflicts in a team and how to resolve them so as to achieve absolute solutions.

Outbound Training Programs (OBT)

Outbound learning is mostly used in the context of behavioural development and awareness of individuals and groups.

Leadership is integrated through outbound leadership development programs involving leadership identification, leadership development, managerial and leadership skills for managers and team leaders.

In most interventions, a detailed pre-assessment is conducted through questionnaires, health checkups, interviews and psychometrics that assess the gap between existing and desired.” Post- assessment is conducted in a phased manner, after a certain time lapse, the individuals and their managers help evaluate reaction, action, behaviour and results.

Outbound Training Programs (OBT) is unique and powerful because of its focus on the interplay between character, leadership and service. That focus can help foster the self-confidence, compassion, resilience and skills.

We believe that reflection is as important as action in developing skills and learning from experience. We respect the diverse capabilities and talents of each individual and are dedicated to helping people discover their true potential. Outbound training has achieved a tremendous response as organizations use it to revitalize and train their workforce, gain knowledge and cultivate better relations at workplace, (within and across teams) and achieve better organizational goals together.

To be able to grow individually and there by promote the growth of one’s organization, it is imperative to challenge one’s existing beliefs and attitudes, open up to new experiences, and be willing to take risks by moving out of one’s comfort zone.

Outbound Training has long been identified as being part of the field of experiential education and uses an experiential approach to physical and mental development. In these residential outdoor training programs, participants live away from home and workplace and are involved in the program 24 hours a day. The programs take place in novel, predominantly natural environments that are quite distinct from participants’ typical home or work environments.

The outdoor experience is a key condition for outdoor activities to become learning experiences; the unfamiliar environment facilitates participants in developing new perspectives about themselves and their normal environments

Performance Management

Feet on Street

A program designed to hone the skills of the sales team from the front ending foot soldiers to the generals strategizing inside the cool confines of the office premises. The program will not scream too much information at the workforce; instead it is expected to meticulously draw inspirations from areas of NLP and hypnosis in order to program the mind to the right attitude and achieve the goals. It offers loads of interactive exercises and thought provoking activities.

Behavioral Intervention

Attitude to Altitude

A training program specially designed to tackle interview and other interactive test skills necessary to succeed by mastering the art of understanding body language & communication skills.


Failure to build robust inter personal relationships with other functionalities spells the doom for an organization. An intervention to enhance the cross functional synergy within an organization and improve collaboration is an exclusive programme.

Psychometric Assessment Centers (PAC)


Identify talent and develop potential using personality insights. Our expertise in business psychology provides a way of ensuring people work together as effectively as possible. Psychometric tools and insight can help you overcome a variety of common business issues, unlocking the potential of your workforce.

Every organisation has areas where it excels and where success seems to come naturally, as well as quirks and recurring issues that hold it back. Psychometric tools provide an understanding of what really makes people tick, helping you to enhance organisational strengths and make great improvements in problem areas.

Psychometric instruments are a proven, resonant and fair way of getting the best out of your most important asset: your people.

Many of the assessments, such as the MBTI® Instrument, can be used to address a variety of business and development needs. Other tools, such as the TKI™ (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument), can be used in a more targeted way to deal with a specific issue quickly. Our solutions-based approach allows you to choose a route that takes into account the time you have available and your long-term objectives.

Regardless of your approach, we have solutions that will get people to cooperate better in teams, make better decisions, improve communication, and lead and inspire with confidence.

These solutions show you where to start with a particular issue, and how to broaden and deepen the solution. You can either do this yourself by becoming a qualified practitioner or you can commission an experienced consultancy team to carry out your development for you.

We provide a series of psychometric instruments that harness the power of psychology to help you understand others, building on their strengths to unlock their potential.

Our robust personality and ability assessments provide unique psychological insights that enhance effectiveness and performance in the workplace, and improve relationships between people. Our range of psychometric questionnaires can be used in many different areas, including selection and recruitment, personal development, team and leadership development and coaching.

Personality assessments can form a key part of the recruitment and selection process. It can be an extremely useful to examine candidates’ personality traits with those which are “essential” or “desirable” in the role, compare the prospective candidates in terms of what they would bring to the role and compare candidates’ profiles with an “ideal” candidate profile.

These assessments also provide people with a means of identifying their personal strengths, help them to look at areas to develop, ensure people are placed in roles which allow their talents to be maximised, let them shine and be round pegs in round holes.

Some of the more popular psychometric tools used world over to assess personal style, traits and behaviors are:

Belbin Team Roles
Myers Briggs (MBTI),
Thomas Profiling

Young Turks

Young Leaders Program

The phrase “catch ‘em young” was never as profound as it is today. The world is looking at youngsters today to take on leadership roles whether at the corporate level or on national or international levels.
This is a program tailor made to imbibe leadership skills at a younger age. This program gives them an insight into the real world and at the same time honing the skills to discover their true potential through a series of highly energetic and engaging activities.

Rite of Passage

A period of change and questioning occurs in the mid teens: moving into young adulthood, needing to make greater decisions, taking on responsibilities. All of these by wanting to challenge, explore, have self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment. We have programs to guide you through all of it.

Facts of Gen Y Life

Today’s university graduates fall into the Generation Y category, those who were born in the late 1980s up to the mid-1990s. Studies have shown that Gen Y-ers excel in academics and knowledge of technology. They were practically raised with a computer in their hands. Communication was made super easy by gadgets. And, hence requires us to hold discussions and programmes explaining the same.

NLP and Hypnotherapy

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

An incredibly powerful discipline that enables people to unblock the structures of human communication and human excellence. By doing so people can think, communicate and manage themselves, and others more effectively.

NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotion (programmes).

By studying and learning from these relationships people can effectively transform the way they traditionally think and act, adopting new, far more successful models of human excellence. (This activity is called modelling and is a key feature that distinguishes NLP from psychology).

In effect, NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally. That’s why NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

About the Program :
This Program is completely experiential in nature and is designed to enable you to fully understand and practice the skills of NLP in your daily professional/work situations and for your own growth and personal achievement. You will also get an understanding of how you can use these tools to work with and empower other people.


What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis (hypnotic trance) is an altered state of consciousness in which it is possible to communicate with the subconscious mind.

You may be surprised to know that it is a very common state which everybody automatically drifts in an out of from time to time. You know how it is when you get thoroughly lost in a beautiful piece of music, or a good book, or a daydream. Your attention is completely captured and everyday reality fades into the background as your mind carries you away to a different world of the imagination.

You are still conscious, but your consciousness is temporarily altered. Well, believe it or not, that is a form of trance. In fact we all go through a similar phase just before we go to sleep.

When you are being hypnotised, you are guided by the Hypnotist into this same kind of trance state somewhere between being asleep and being awake, and this is called a hypnotic trance. It is a very pleasant feeling of calmness and deep relaxation.

Contrary to popular belief, when you are hypnotised you are not asleep or unconscious. You will normally have your eyes closed, but you can still hear and feel and even speak. Indeed, your concentration and awareness actually become heightened.

When the body and the conscious mind have been sufficiently relaxed, the normal barriers to the subconscious part of the mind also become relaxed, and the subconscious becomes receptive to positive suggestion.

The aim of Hypnotherapy is to bring about beneficial changes to certain problems which have their origins in the mind.

Hypnotherapy is used to overcome stress – and stress related ailments. It is very useful for calming nerves, and overcoming fears and phobias – and it is wonderful for general confidence boosting.

How does hypnotherapy work?
A positive suggestion is a positively worded statement or command, which is given (or suggested) to the subconscious mind. in the relaxed state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind becomes receptive and can accept and store the positive suggestion, and subsequently act upon it.

In brief, positive suggestions can re-programme the mind to bring about beneficial changes.

We hope that you now have a clearer understanding of Hypnosis and it’s uses.

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