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We aim to be the first choice for organizations for providing end to end HR solutions and services.

Our philosophy is that relationships are built on foundations of honesty & integrity and we will ensure that our policies reflect this and our service always has the interest of the customer at its core. In addition, we have formulated innovative leadership and skill development programs to address employee related issue and enhance the competency and productivity.

We don’t just go by the conventional method for meeting ends, instead embrace some of the scientific techniques which are discerning and result driven. We train individuals at the subconscious and emotional levels using some of the powerful techniques like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Graphoanalysis, Personality profiling, EFT, Tapping etc.

Our goal is to transform organizations and touch the lives of the people and clients we serve, by adding substantial value to their business. The intricate consulting coupled with the most advanced research-validated processes and methodologies enable us to offer our clients value for money and the best return on their talent acquisition.

Our team

Most of our consultants have received professional training prior to entering the recruitment industry and many have worked within the industry for which they recruit. This means that we understand your needs and requirements quickly and clearly.

Jeevan Varma
Founder & President

Jeevan Varma

‘Only Results matter…everything else is excuses’

With over two decades of corporate career, Jeevan heads Skills and People consulting. He has been associated with reputed organisations like General Electric, Star TV, General Motors, HCL-BPO, Reliance Communications and TCS before branching out to start his dream project.

He brings to the table a thorough understanding of the multinational metrics driven performance culture and seamlessly blends it to meet Indian work ethos.



‘Delighting the customer is not an option but an indispensable business element.’

Malini is an astute business manager with a keen focus on impeccable customer service. She brings to table extensive experience in operations and customer service training skills. She leads the L&D vertical and incorporates the latest trends in our leadership development programs. She is also responsible for new business development and always on lookout for synergistic associations.

Her proficiency in techno-commercial skills provides the necessary impetus to spearhead Skills and People Consulting to explore newer avenues of growth.

Deepak Yadav


“None can destroy iron , only rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person but his own mindset … Ratan Tata.”

Deepak Yadav, a Human Resource professional turned entrepreneur, and a firm believer of team performance based on engagement theories, with 18 plus years hands on experience and exposure in various business environments . His endeavor is to apply his past learning and experiences in future assignments for the holistic and overall growth of organizations.

Sunita More

Sunita More

“Hire on attitude. ..not just skills and qualification”

A perceptive recruiter with years under her belt , Sunita believes hiring is the first step to creation of a fabulous organization. Making the slightest error in judging a candidate can sometimes cost colossal losses to an organization both in monetary and non-monetary terms. Sifting and straining through voluminous piles of resumes over the years has honed her sharp acumen in ‘sensing’ a right fit.

Matoshree Kamble

Matoshree Kamble

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener― Robert Frost”

Never the one to lose an opportunity to smile, Matoshree (‘Shree’ to us) is a management graduate with oodles of talent and a very natural flair for training. Her passion for people development and her proficiency in adapting the latest in delivery methodologies gives us the desired cutting edge.